Sunday, May 3, 2009

acknowledged others about the faith tattoo,
and that i was weird and freaky.
but begging and crying for one last chance,
are you out of our mind ?

thought that we could walk this path together,
but things turned out ugly as ever.
with a cunt interfering,
and your stupid sick excuses.

procrastinate has always been the problem,
even worse with having insomnia.
my life is totally upside down,
and i lost my initial purpose.

now that i found it back,
slowly i will cope up with everything,
with people who are ready to catch when i fall,
all i need is to have faith in me.

with love, michelle__♥ 8:07 PM

happy new year !

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009 ! :D

with love, michelle__♥ 11:07 AM

Hi and Bye

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

hello everyone, i've moved to a new site!
see you there :D

with love, michelle__♥ 8:32 AM

Dear Diary

Thursday, October 30, 2008

days are counting on. in hand, i have a book of sketches, dart manipulations, final photo shoot, sewings for teddy and blouse, inspired designs for history and 2 boards, designs for the Barbie competition. sigh, so little time, so much to do. how much i wished that a fairy godmother would grant me a wish to extend a fortnight to maybe say,30days? i dont want to be greedy. though it wasnt as smooth as expected, still, i think its much better than the last semester. shall i compliment myself? or push myself harder to achieve better results? anyway, the aftermath will always turn out good if you put it your intentions and effort.
yesterday, i finally realise that the feeling isnt good at all when i had to raise out my hand and ask. is it that i've grown mentally that i felt i do not want to be a dependent girl anymore? i guess that should be it so i vow to search on my own from now and in long terms, the situation now will be vice versa. :)

with love, michelle__♥ 11:11 PM

Its Just A Part Of Life

Monday, October 20, 2008

no matter what happens, i'll keep telling myself, that after every storm and rain, there'll always be sun and shine. despite the worst that can ever happen, i'll always hold tight and move on with life. because my dad always tells me that, success only goes to people who put in their effort and intentions.

breakdowns, failures? brings you one step closer to success.

found something in my documents, supposingly saved by Mr.P cause no one e
xcept him who'll copy this funny stuff down. and its really hilarious to me though. haha

Yours sincerely,
BOB !!!!!!!!

in between the busy schedule everyday, we manage to catch this. its funny, and touching.

omg her hot bod!

by the way, this 18k V8 phone does nothing but having me drooling all over it.
current favorite : Love Bug by Jonas Brothers

with love, michelle__♥ 7:23 AM


Friday, October 17, 2008

why is life so tough?

with love, michelle__♥ 4:08 AM

Chocolates Are Addictive

Thursday, October 9, 2008

well yes, klcc was the pick on the other day cause its a no for the gardens, we've been there too often. so, we manage to purchase moon cakes with pretty packaging for both sides and i did what a girl must do while being a mall. (: as we're ready to set off, something caught my eye and it looks so tempting i had to get a little free taste of it. undeniably, it tastes ultimately good and perfect for a chocolate lover like me. in the end, babyy had to get a box for me cause i'll definitely get all emo if he dont.

wrapped in foil with dry ice so it wouldnt melt.

dark chocolate, me love.

be back for more? definitely, royce.

with love, michelle__♥ 3:48 AM

Lookout Point.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

24th September 2008 had signify two years has passed and it remarks the anniversary of the two and also the birthday of the boy. she planned a surprise and it was running as smooth as it was intended to be. it was the right place to choose, when it comes to an ideal romance spot for celebrations. just that the weather was playing tricks, as it was usually cool and you could feel the breeze, but not tonight.

anyway back to the couple, i felt really glad that you both strive through the storms and rains. i knew it wasnt easy to be in that kind of situation, but, you both had made it up for each other. no more interrupts, no more outsider influence.

arent the view of the city is just so beautiful?

you've gotta try one, tiramisu blended.

hey babyy looks like a bear here! mwa*

the couple who always CHEATS haha

bestfriend, for infinity.

This is NOT racism, its about showing people which level of morality you belong to by the way you present yourself.
there's one thing that i would like to digress, but first i need to draw myself clear that this is not an issue about racism. the story goes like this. while i was queuing for payment at a supermarket, there was this Indian lady aged around mid 40s to 50 who had never went to school and learn moral. so the uneducated lady who lacked of morality does nothing good but cut into my queue. ( i really hated people who dont fucking queue up. other people no need to pay is it? so other people can wait but not you la? ) initially, i thought she wasnt taking note or she was just waiting for her turn after me. BUT i was totally wrong. as i wasnt paying attention, she pushed her trolley forward and tried to cut in my line wtf wtf. obviously, i got pissed so i gave her a cool stare and tsk at her. there, the sound you make when you dislike something.

anyway, normal people would have step back and apologize if someone did that right. so the best part was, she did not even bother and she did not even look at me. i crossed my arms, stared at her daughter, then her son. her children even noticed that its wrong to cut line and even told her that im pissed ( i guess ) but yet she didnt not take any move. WTF then my mom came to me and i complained to her. after a while, her son called that forest indian lady to queue up in another place. what a fucking disgrace to indians right. because why? my indian friends are not the same with people like this. they are totally whole lot friendlier and also more polite and definitely wont be assholes who goes around and cut queues. its not that i dont respect their race or being a racist but i couldnt help that every bad encounter i had has something to do with this darker colored race.

okay, end of rants. everybody please stop cutting queues can? its really ultimately sickening. T_T

with love, michelle__♥ 2:16 AM

Handbag Planet.

Monday, October 6, 2008

bored of using the same old bag everyday? wanted/hoping/wishing to get a brand new bag but have insufficient cash? no worries girls! its time to add a new pretty, stylish and absolutely free bag to your closet! all you have to do is click here
and follow the simple instructions. then, pray hard that you'll be amongst the lucky ones to receive the bag of your choice.

this is my desired one, whats yours?

grab the chance! :D

with love, michelle__♥ 8:33 AM

boring wtf

Thursday, October 2, 2008

oh my god. i so wanted to post but i cant find any topics to blog about. why am i such a sad person? why is my blog so boring huh?

with love, michelle__♥ 9:32 AM

fly me to the moon.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

though i dont admire moon cake festival as much as i do for chinese new years, however, i still enjoyed this festive season quite alot. i believe not only me, but everyone still love the childish pleasure they'd feel and the childhood memories flashbacks while litting up and playing with tang lungs. (: by the way i only enjoyed the traditional ones which was made by different sorts of color paper, not those modern ones with music and lights which appears rather irritating to me.

well, aside from munching on mooncakes while chit chatting with fellow family members or taking a sip of tea full with aroma while glancing at the beautiful full moon, we have this habit of playing with fireworks. this year we ran two sides for the celebration and indulge ourselves quite alot, at least more than my usual diet. god please remind me to keep an eye on the amount of food consumption.

i've got a new name to address you.

hello, mr P for Pathetic. :D

whatever this is called.

mom showing love to granny. lol

being a child is a big advantage, they seem to be happy at all times.

happy belated mooncake festival people!

with love, michelle__♥ 8:38 AM

better in time.

Monday, September 15, 2008

have been coping well with studies recently which makes me feel whole lot more productive. life has been going easy yet i felt a bit of confuse with tings going on between pals. somehow i learnt that everyting will be better in time no matter what decision may come. finding peace is something definite for both of you when the rain stop falling and the sun shines. it'll all be fine i would wish.

the day was too cold i had to borrow babyy's huge shirt i like.

a prove to explain that i've been real good.

now lets play with aperture (:

some good intentions from babyy while enjoying on an island.

with love, michelle__♥ 7:06 AM


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